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MeisterSinger |

Mr. Brownlee


That which belongs together has come together – the partnership between MeisterSinger and Nicholas Brownlee. 

Meistersinger Collaboration

Brownlee wears his MeisterSinger with a passion.

“It is unbelievably beautiful, it’s unbelievably stylish but also it does the job in the most beautiful, most consistent way. MeisterSinger is a headturner… and I think of myself as something of a headturner...”

“And by the way: Given the fact that I’m singing Hans Sachs in Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, how could I ever be fully dressed without a MeisterSinger?” 


“Accompanying Nicholas Brownlee on the day of his performance was a unique experience. We were with him during the final preparations, in the make-up, during the warm-up, and literally all the way backstage. The most impressive thing was to experience him in that special moment of complete focus, of being completely with himself – just before he entered the stage – a real MeisterSinger moment. In our film Be iconic, we captured that very moment and really brought it to life.”


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The brand

MeisterSinger is the world’s leading icon for single-hand watches, synonymous with multiple award-winning design and excellent Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. MeisterSinger watches show the time without any of the frenetic minute and second hands of conventional versions and encourage a relaxed approach to time in our fast-moving world. The finely designed tip of the single hand literally points to the current moment in time. Every glance at a MeisterSinger watch reminds the wearer of that one essential thing: The present moment itself.

Did you know?

MeisterSinger borrowed its name from Richard Wagner’s opera The Mastersingers of Nuremberg. The opera of the same name was recently staged in a highly acclaimed new production at the Frankfurt Opera. The leading role of Hans Sachs was sung by the internationally known and recognized opera singer Nicholas Brownlee (34), who invited the MeisterSinger team to Frankfurt for the premiere. 

This is how the first Be iconic film by MeisterSinger was created, with more to follow. The series of short films will tell true MeisterSinger stories through the lives of interesting personalities. All the main players are united by their passion and excellence in what they do. Furthermore, what counts for them more than the seconds or the minutes is that one fine moment from which they draw strength and genuine satisfaction.


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